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LAINE Federal provides a comprehensive overview of the laws, government policies and regulations – including the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) – that apply to subcontracts and subcontract management. The procurement process is an every changing, therefore, we ensure that keeping subcontracting activities efficient, profitable and in compliance with government requirements are our priority to you.

We help businesses: 

  • Distinguish which contract clauses must be flown down to subcontracts and their requirements

  • Understand subcontractor rights and remedies when the prime contractor is terminated

  • Explain the impact of cost or pricing data

  • Manage subcontract-related disputes


We also provide expertise on subcontracting provisions contained in the FAR. Such provisions covers key issues of subcontracting today, such as flow-downs, pricing, disputes, payments and terminations.


Large companies have departments for sub contract management, small companies rarely have even one dedicated individual.                Subcontract management is a big deal because you the prime have to ensure that your subcontractors are compliant, are abiding by all the appropriate FAR clauses (that hopefully you have correctly flowed down to them in your contract) and procedures in fair costs and pricing

Roles and Responsibilities of

Government Prime and Subcontractors

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