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  Our employees are rewarded based on performance and recognized for the value they bring to our business.

As a valued employee, total rewards extend beyond competitive salaries and traditional benefits to include a range of policies, programs and benefits that help you to succeed in all aspects of your life.

Base & Variable Pay:

Base pay: Your base salary compensates you for the value you bring to the firm and for meeting our everyday high expectations. We offer base pay that is externally competitive, internally equitable and tied to performance.


Variable pay: Our variable pay program rewards and recognizes you for your contributions that go above and beyond our everyday high expectations.

  • Recognition awards acknowledge exceptional short-term efforts or results by individuals or teams.

  • Promotion bonuses celebrate client-serving staff when they advance to senior, manager and senior manager.

  • Performance-based bonuses reward client-serving seniors through senior managers based on firm-wide performance and individual performance.

  • Annual performance bonuses selectively recognize Core Business Services professionals for extraordinary achievements sustained over the majority of the year.

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